(Svenska) Bokningsformulär Fika & Konditorivaror Johanneberg


    Please fill in your inquiry in the form below and we will return with a confirmation by the following weekday. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at bokningjohanneberg@chalmerskonferens.se or at 031 - 772 3950

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    We need your pre order 4 working days before delivery. We will, step by step, reduce all our single -use products within our company until 2021. A first step is to exchange single-use products into of fossil free and biodegradable material. This means that we from now on charge 2 SEK for the single use cutlery for catering deliveries.

    Message: Please specify any dietary needs, allergies and/or other requirements

    Organic coffee 23kr

    Tea 23kr

    Soft drinks 14kr/33cl

    Low alcohol beer 14kr/33cl
    Mineral water 14kr/33cl
    Biodegredable cutlery 2 kr
    Coffee sweets:
    Cinnamon roll 20kr

    Coconut macaroon 18kr

    Chocolate ball 18kr

    Raw food ball (vegan) 20kr
    Sponge pastry 22kr
    Cupcake 22kr
    Danish pastry 22kr
    Biscuit 7kr
    Organic fruit 9kr
    Chocolate truffle "Valrhona" 13kr
    Chocolate coin "Chalmers Avancez" 10kr
    Semla (seasonal) 22kr

    Sandwiches & wraps:
    1/2 light bread roll: cheese & vegetables 22kr

    1/2 light bread roll: ham and vegetables 22kr

    1/2 dark bread roll: cheese and vegetables 22kr

    1/2 dark bread roll with ham and vegetables 22kr
    Light bread roll: cheese and vegetables 25kr
    Light bread roll: ham and vegetables 25kr

    Dark bread roll: cheese and vegetables 25kr

    Dark bread roll: ham and vegetables 25kr
    Light bread roll: avocado, sprouts, tomato, onion 30kr
    Dark bread roll: avocado, sprouts, tomato, onion 30kr

    Organic sandwich, cheese and vegetables 35kr
    Baguette light, peahummus & vegetables (vegan) 43kr
    Baguette dark, peahummus & vegetables (vegan) 43kr

    Baguette light, chicken salad 43kr

    Baguette dark, chicken salad 43kr
    Baguette light, cheese & ham 43kr
    Baguette dark, cheese & ham 43kr
    Baguette light, brie & salami 43kr
    Baguette dark, brie & salami 43kr
    Baguette light, shrimps in dill mayonnaise 60kr
    Baguette dark, shrimps in dill mayonnaise 60kr
    Wrap with pulled soy, chili cottage cheese, pickled onions, tomato & romaine lettuce (vegetarian) 62kr
    Wrap with Chipotle marinated Swedish tofu, avocado dressing, rocket salad & tomatoes (vegan 62kr
    Wrap with Smoked bell pepper marinated chicken, carrots, mango sauce & lettuce 62kr
    Wrap with Marinated shrimps, dill cream cheese, fennel, romaine lettuce & spinach 68kr

    Sandwich layer cakes (10 pieces) & open faced sandwiches (Orders must be placed two workdays before pickup or delivery):

    Salmon & shrimps 78kr/piece

    Brie & jamon serrano 78kr/piece

    Vegetarian 78kr/piece
    Shrimps with egg & mayonnaise (on white bread or rye bread) 150kr

    Salmon & shrimps 78kr/piece

    Vegan 78kr/piece

    Cakes: (48kr/piece) Cakes marked with * cannot be ordered for mondays
    *Drottningtårta 8 pieces

    *Drottningtårta 14 pieces

    *Schwardswaldstårta 8 pieces

    *Schwardswaldstårta 14 pieces

    *Raspberry & cream 8 pieces
    *Raspberry & Cream 14 pieces
    *Raspberry & Cream 20 pieces
    Italian Raspberry Meringue Cake 6 pieces
    White Lady 8 pieces
    White Lady 14 pieces
    White Lady 20 pieces
    *fruit cake 8 pieces
    *Fruit cake 14 pieces
    *Fruit cake 20 pieces
    Chocolate Truffle Cake 6 pieces
    Princesstårta 8 pieces
    Princesstårta 14 bitar
    Princesstårta 20 pieces

    Mousse Cake: Triple Chocolate, Strawberry or Cheesecake 6 pieces


    Pastries: 48kr/piece. Pastries marked with * can not be orderered for mondays
    Princess Pastry

    *Maria ball

    *Schwardswald Pastry

    White Lady Pastry
    Blueberry pastry
    Mousse Pastry: Triple Chocolate or Cheesecake
    *Strawberry Pastry
    *Unsweetened Petit Choux (
    Raspberry pastry
    Budapest pastry