(Svenska) Bokningsformulär Enklare Catering Lindholmen


    Please fill in your inquiry in the form below and we will return with a confirmation by the following weekday. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at bokninglindholmen@chalmerskonferens.se or at 031 - 772 3950

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    We need your pre order 4 working days before delivery. We will, step by step, reduce all our single -use products within our company until 2021. A first step is to exchange single-use products into of fossil free and biodegradable material. This means that we from now on charge 2 SEK for the single use cutlery.

    Message: Please specify any dietary needs, allergies and/or other requirements
    Beverages & cutlery:
    Organic coffee 23kr

    Tea 23kr

    Soft drinks 14kr/33cl
    Low-alcohol beer 14kr/33cl
    Mineral water 14kr/33cl
    biodegredable cutlery 2 kr

    Cold lunch (incl. bread, butter and beverage):
    Poke bowl, pulled soy, carrot, beetroot hummus, pickled onion, cabbage, soybeans & chili mayonnaise (vegan) 100kr

    Poke bowl, soy marinated salmon, carrot, pickled onion & cabbage, soybeans & chili mayonnaise 110kr

    Parsley baked chicken, potato & primeur vegetable salad, spinach, pickled onion & beetroot crème 105kr

    Salad (incl. dressing, bread, butter & beverage):
    Green salad & Chickpeas+ smoked salmon etc. 82kr

    Green salad &Chickpeas + Chives marinated chicken etc. 82kr

    Green salad & chick peas & Marinated tofu etc. (vegan). 82kr
    Pasta salad + smoked salmon etc. 82kr
    Pasta salad + Chives marinated chicken etc. 82kr
    Pasta salad + Marinated tofu etc. (vegan) 82kr
    Quinoa + smoked salmon etc. 82kr
    Quinoa+ Chives marinated chicken etc. 82kr
    Quinoa + Marinated tofu etc. (vegan). 82kr

    Buffets: (prices for min 25 guests)
    Green 250kr

    Nordic 285kr

    Asia 270kr

    Buffet desserts 35kr

    MINGLE FOOD: Choose three or five dished below and also for how many persons. Three dishes 75kr/person, five dishes 125kr/person:
    Marinated feta cheeseChorizoProsciutto hamHerb marinated vegetablesLemon marinated olivesTaleggio & carrot marmaladeBlue cheese, digestive biscuit & fig marmeladeFoccacia, sun dried tomatoes & rosemaryTortilla EspanolaCrostini & tapenadeDeep fried tortilla bread & tomato salsaMarinated chicken skewersSmoked salmon sandwichShrimp sandwich, fennel & dillBrie cheese & sourdough crisp bread
    Number of people

    Cheese board 75kr
    Matured manchego, brie, mixed crackers, pear & fig marmelade
    Buffet plate 120kr
    Herb baked salmon, Mustard marinated potatoes, Red onion pickles, Brie cheese & fig marmalade, Sourdough bread & butter