Student catering is a service for Chalmers students and can be ordered for Chalmers related events, not for private parties or events.  Student catering can only be ordered with complete invoice details for Chalmers associations and the committees and student sections (it is not possibly to pay directly with student union card).


For your Chalmers related student arrangements you can order "fika" and lunch from our menu seen on the right side. We deliver on Chalmers campus during business hours.
We need your pre order 4 days before delivery to guarantee the possibility of delivery. A delivery fee of 150 SEK will be added on each delivery. There is also the option to pick up the order in the Student Union Building.

Allergies and special diets needs to be announced at the time of booking. When you make your reservation, it is important that you provide us with your personal and sectional cost center number alternative billing address.

As part of our sustainability work we exchange single-use products into of fossil free and biodegradable material.  This means that we charge 2 SEK for the single use cutlery for catering deliveries within the Johanneberg area.


Student dinner menu is a service for Chalmers students and may be ordered in connection to Chalmers-related events. This is available on both campus areas. It may not be used for personal use.

  • We need your pre order 5 days before the event
  • Orders are placed in whole kilos or litres. The amount needs to be calculated in advance by the person making the order. In order to make this process easier, a recommended portion/person can be found in the menu
  • The food is served cooked but cold in disposable containers. Make sure you have cool storage facilities if you need it and reheating possibilities where the food is to be served
  • The food can be picked up from J.A. Pripps Pub & Café at the Johanneberg Campus during regular opening hours
  • Plates, glasses and silverware or warming cabinets are not included, however you can rent this - look at the menu to your right.
  • A pickup time is required upon booking.
  • A correct billing address, phone number and full name are also required in order for us to accept the order.
  • Unfortunately we can not cater for any special dietary requests when ordering from this menu.
  • Only one item is allowed from under each heading.


We offer rental of porcelain, glas and cuttlery in junction with studentcatering. You can easily pick it up from any of our restaurants in the Studentunion building at Johanneberg,
We need your reservation 5 workdays prior to your event, place your order at the same time as your foodorder.
After your event, place the used items in an organised way in the containers used for delivery.

The cost for renting the items is for one occation and need to be ready and collected one hour prior to you leaving the premisses where your event took place.
Damaged or missing items will be charged for.

If you miss something on the rental menu, please do not hesitate to ask for it.




Pick up at J.A. Pripps