Air Hockey 

Shuffle Board


We open in August

Welcome to J.A. Pripps and play some games.

Vi offer:

  • Shuffleboard 2
  • Fuss ball 1
  • Air hockey 1
  • Dart 2
  • Stiga hockey 2
  • Boule (outdoors during season) 2

All of the games are in professional standard except for a bit smaller boule courts.

You can buy food and beverages in J.A. Pripps and bring to the games.

How to play?

The games can be rented according to drop-in principals but it is also possible to rent the whole game room. It is not possible to book single games in advance.

Drop in-

The games are booked in J.A Pripps and you leave an id-card as deposit.

The rent is charged according to time in 10 minutes intervals.

Minimum game time 30 minutes.

Maximum game time 90 minutes. After 90 minutes it is possible to continue playing if there is no cue to that game.

If the games are occupied?

Go the bar in J.A. Pripps and sign up on a cue and you can start playing as soon as the game is free.

The whole game room (minimum 3 hours)

It is possible to book the whole game room by the hour including instruction. We serve pre-ordered food and beverages. Perfect for after work, a bunch of friends or a corporate event.

We offer after work and snack buffets, all served on the bar together with all the beverages you can want. Please contact us and we will send our  menu!

Contact us on bokningjohanneberg@chalmerskonferens.se to book or get more information.

The whole game room should be booked at least two weeks in advance.

How do you know when the whole game room is booked?

We post it on our Facebook.

Maximum players on each game:

Shuffleboard                               4

Fuss ball                                         4

Air hockey                                     2

Dart                                                 4

Stiga hockey                                 2

Boule (on the court yard)       6

Whole game room                    50

Opening hours:

During study periods

Mon-Fri              16:00-22:30

Sat                        13:00-22:30

Sun                       13:00-17:30

Prices per hour:                          Ordinary price                             Union card price                       

Shuffleboard                                 250 kr                                              150 kr

Air hockey                                      100 kr                                              60 kr

Fussball                                           100 kr                                              60 kr

Stiga Hockey                                   70 kr                                                40 kr

Dart                                                    70 kr                                                40 kr

Boule                                                100 kr                                              60 kr

The whole game room            1500 kr                                            900 kr

JA Pripps Pub & Café


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