J.A Pripps Pub & Café is the natural meeting place at Kårhuset. During the day we have everything you need for a good coffee break. During the afternoon the beer taps open and in the evening our kitchen serves good food at affordable prices for a students wallet.

Participate in our popular quiz evenings Monday and Wednesday!
Form a team and challenge your friends.
Top up your student card and benefit from our reduced prices.
The evening menu is served from 3 pm.

JA Pripps Pub & Café


Grymma burgare

Evening menu

  • Pubmeny: Beef chuck burger, brioche bun from Dahls bakery, french fries0
  • Beef chuck cheese burger, bacon, brioche bun from Dahls bakery, french0
  • Vegan burger, guacamole, spinach, pickled onion, deepfried tortilla0
  • Caesar salad, grana padano, croutons, chicken0
  • Kockens Burgare: Beef chuck burger, jalapeno salsa, Pepper Jack, onion & french fries0

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