Chalmers Conference & Restaurants in Johanneberg serves approximately 1500 lunches per day. In our lunch restaurant Kårrestaurangen we have a large and wide selection of lunch alternatives such as a meat dishes, fish dishes, soups of the week, vegan options, simpler alternatives (Xpress) and sallds. We have something for everybody.

We manage several café and restaurant units around Chalmers campus, such as Wijkanders, Restaurant Hyllan, J.A Pripps Pub och Café, Xpress Take Away, Kårrestaurangen etc. We also offer a catering service at Campus Johanneberg with the possibility of delivery. Read more here.

We have something for everybody!

There is always much to see at our restaurants. Here we serve everyone from students, to business people as well as the elderly. We hope you know that you are welcome to make an inquiry right here on our website? We therefore reserve the right to close the restaurant down for special occasions.

Our goal

Our goal is to offer you the restaurants in Johanneberg that we would have liked going to ourselves. A place where you can not only greet your guests, but socialize, enjoy your time and eat first class food – made without trouble, but with great compassion and knowledge. Here, we create modern food with roots from traditional Swedish dishes.

Besides from cooking great food, we also take our impact on the environment seriously. Therefore, we do our best to minimize our impact on the global environment by:

Always serving fresh foods that are varied by the season. When they taste the best, our impact on the environment is the least. Hence, you will find seasonal vegetables on all of our restaurants.
Serving several green alternatives on the menu.
Not serving you more or less food that you plan to eat. Here, we do our best to minimize the amount of food that we have to throw.
Serving you dishes that are made by ecological and locally produced ingredients.

We manage conferences, banquets & events for up to 850 guests. Please visit our conference section for further information.