The service to top up the card online and periodic charging will be temporary out of order from 2021-12-16 and will return back with some new functionality during Spring 2022.

You are welcome to refill the card in any of our physical stores on campus, Lindholmen or Universeum during this period. If you need to register a new card during this time please visit any of the below manned desks for service:

  • Kårexpeditionen Chalmers Student Union Building, Johanneberg
  • STORE Chalmers Student Union Building, Jhanneberg
  • Visitors Centre, Lindholmen Science Park
  • The Restaurant at Universeum

If you wish to check your account statement or have other questions regarding the account please contact:

To read more about our cards, please visit

Student Union Card

We thank you for your understanding and patience while we work on this and will return to you via email with information and instructions as soon as the service is available again.