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    Arranged on a platter and or other suitable vessel.
    Disposable items (no cutlery) and napkins are included if desired.
    Orders must be placed no later than 4 working days before the delivery date.
    As a step in our environmental goals where we move from fossil-based
    plastic to fossil-free plastic or alternative fossil-free materials, we will take
    paid for the new disposable cutlery 2 SEK/pack.

    Please specify any dietary needs, allergies and/or other


    Organic coffee - 23 SEK

    Tea - 23 SEK

    Soft drinks - 14 SEK/33cl

    Low-alcohol beer - 14 SEK/33cl

    Mineral water - 14 SEK/33cl


    COLD LUNCH: Includes bread (white or brown), butter & a soft drink.

    Poké bowl, pulled soy, carrot, pickled onion, cabbage, soybeans & chili mayonnaise -
    102 SEK

    Poké bowl: smoked salmon, pickled cabbage,
    mango, soy beans, carrot, cashew, coriander & sriracha mayonnaise -
    112 SEK

    Caesar-salad, chicken, romaine lettuce, Caesar-dressing, cocktail-tomatoes, croutons & Grana padano (can be ordered with shrimps) - 112 SEK

    Lemon baked chicken, potato &
    primeur vegetable salad, spinach, pickled red onion & basil cream -
    105 SEK


    SALAD: Includes dressing, bread (white or brown), butter & soft drink.

    Chicken chili, teriyaki noodles,
    carrot, bean sprouts, lime & salad -
    87 SEK

    Smoked salmon, couscous, bellpeppers, zucchini, radishes, peas & salad - 87 SEK

    Feta cheese tabbouleh, tomato, cucumber, olives, capers & red onion (vegetarian) - 84 SEK

    Pulled soy, pickled cabbage, soy bea crème, tomato, yellow pepper & zucchini (vegan) - 84 SEK


    BUFFETS: The prices apply for parties of 25 guests or more. For inquiries regarding smaller groups please contact our reservations office. Orders must be placed no later than five working days before the desired pick-up or delivery. Please choose a buffet.

    Green - 255 SEK
    Marinated vegetables, greek white
    Chickpea & mozzarella patties
    Salad on pearl couscous, mint, cucumber & tomato
    Potato salad & seasonal starters
    Marinated broad beans from Nordic produce
    Pulled oumph with white bean cream
    Beetroot hummus
    Soy marinated watermelon with miso mayonnaise
    Homemade baguette & whipped butter

    Nordic - 287 SEK
    Mustard and whiskey herring
    Crosstini, old crunch creme & roasted walnuts
    Västerbotten cheese pie with leeks
    Roasted skewers, sunflower seeds & grated cheddar cheese
    Alwood-smoked pork tenderloin, red onion marmalade
    Farm salami & fennel crudite
    Swedish groats with beetroot and cress vinaigrette
    Tarragon-baked chicken fillet
    Sourdough baguette, whipped butter, Danish rye bread & aged cheese

    Asia - 287 SEK
    Chicken skewers with hoisin sauce
    Mango & chilli baked salmon & coriander
    Pickled mushrooms, bean sprouts & gari
    Bao buns, pulled oumph, onion and chili mayo
    Glass noodle salad, tomato, prawns & coriander
    Kimchi on turnip
    Prawn jam, pickled cucumber & ginger dip
    Chilli roasted corn on the cob
    Papadums, naan bread and raita

    Buffet desserts - 37 SEK
    Banoffee Pie
    Milk chocolate crème with miso & blackberries
    White chocolate panna cotta & the kitchen's choice of berries or fruit


    MINGLE FOOD (served on a buffet):
    -Choice of three different dishes - 75 SEK
    -Choice of five different dishes - 125 SEK

    Lemon & herbal-marinatedfetacheeseChorizoAir-dried hamHerb marinated vegetablesChili-marinated Kalamata olivesPutty cheese with homemade gooseberry marmaladeSpicy gazpacho with croutonsFocaccia,sun-dried tomato & rosemaryGoat cheese, bread & figsCrosstini & tomato pestoBao buns,pork shank & chili mayonnaiseMarinated chicken skewersSmoked salmon sandwichBaguette with marinated shrimpsPuff pastry, cheese & roasted seeds

    Number of people

    Cheese plates - 75 SEK

    Age hard cheese, blue cheese, mixed cracker platters, pears &
    two marmalades types

    Buffet plate - 122 SEK

    Ponzu marinated chicken thigh
    Noodle salad
    Soy mayonnaise & pickled red onion
    Brie cheese & tomato and chili marmalade
    Sourdough bread & butter

    Delivery fee 150 SEK/delivery
    Above prices are per piece and VAT is added to stated prices in accordance with current legislation at the time of invoicing.
    Subject to change in raw materials and prices.